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Day 1648

Recycled from ohhhhhh – Friday last week?

Word of the day. Ubiquitous. Roughly meaning “you see the damn things everywhere, they must be the de facto norm” – which would be a good way to describe Sturbacks.

Matter of fact, I was reading a recent entry by Grouse of Grousing in the Sage ( where he commented that someone filled out a hunting report with “harvested ½ mile south of Starbucks”, or something to that effect. I had commented that around here, ½ mile south of Starbucks could be inside another Starbucks. (In reality, one would have to pass over 3 others to make it that half mile). Grouse got a chuckle out of that, for two reasons. First, the Starbucks he was referring to was a local ranch, and second – where he is (beautiful Wyoming) he’s not sure there IS a Starbucks coffee shop unless you get into the bigger cities. He’s got a couple hour drive to what we flatlanders would call a city. Wonder if that means it’s pretty easy for him to get decent coffee?

Truth be told – there aren’t that many Sturbaks around here. I can actually think of two on my 8.5 mile drive to work. Of course, there are 3 Timmy Ho’s, at least one Dunkin Donuts and another place called Jitters all trying sell you your next cuppa Joe. I tend to just bring a cup from home, or get a refill at the Y.

Speaking of the Y, I thought we were getting a break this morning. Gary, the Sadistic Bastard, wasn’t doing the spin class this morning. While I missed his eclectic mix of tune (never, ever done by the original artist – he is amazing at finding obscure cover tunes), I did not miss his desire to sprint up every hill in sight.

Instead, we were treated to Motoring with Mikey. Mike love to run. Mike loves to swim. Mike does the Keuka Lake Triathlon the first week of June when the lake water temp is all of 56 freakin degrees! (But it’s only a half mile swim he says!)

Fast forward to today.

Had an appointment with Annette today. We seem to be constantly heading back to the same place – how Cindy isn’t taking responsibility for her drinking or it’s after effects. Even if I think things are going (good, lousy, indifferent – pick one) it seems as though every thing I recall and/or share in these sessions ends up being just another manifestation of how Cindy is shirking ownership of her drinking, (mostly past) and current behavior. According to Annette, the lack of communication is her way of trying to punish me. For the affair? Partly. For her feeling guilty about her drinking? Partly. For her feeling guilty for the way she is behaving now? Partly.

She just gives me too much to think about. Makes me want to go stare at my navel and think about what I really want. If I think I know what I want, can I get there from where I am now? Do I have more work to do on me? (Silly boy – of course I do. Have more work to do that is)

Need to swing by Bob’s place Thursday and file the mountains of paperwork necessary. Forms to cover how he’ll pay. Forms to cover what he’ll pay. Forms to cover what services are available. A whole thing about the homes privacy policy. Another thing to say we were given information on the homes privacy policy. A form to establish an on-hand cash account for hair cuts & incidentals – field trips even. Personally, I think they’d be challenged just to get shoes on everyone’s feet. Field trips are a freakin dream!

Ahh well. Bowling tomorrow. Need a clear head for that. After that I can contemplate the navel gazing. Maybe I can meditate while I knock off some more jobs around the house.


One response

  1. Q

    Nice html. Anything special? lol I see it has purple in it!

    I tend to like cover songs, too. Care to share some of the artists & titles he finds?

    My mom went on one of those field trips a couple of months ago. She said it was quite the adventure! Grandpa (her dad) was trying to help unload the walkers off the bus for the little old ladies. She yelled at him (he can’t hear well) that he was one of the old ones too & he probably needed just as much help as they did!

    See, that navel would be great for HNT 🙂

    February 26, 2009 at 11:04 pm

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