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It’s a Wrap

Day 1646

What a non-eventful weekend. Just what a body needs every now & again. The list of things accomplished is not too bad, the toll on the ol’ body wasn’t too bad either.

So lessee – things actually done. After less than three cups of coffee Saturday, the driveway got a blow job. Somehow, 4 – 6 inches of light fluffy stuff found it’s way to the ground in our area. Eric was at work, Cindy was at a meeting or shopping. I popped the van out into the street and gave the driveway a good once over. By the end of the day there was even a little bit of bare driveway showing.

Molding around the fireplace? Done. What a difference it made too. I should get a picture, huh?

Also getting very, very close to finally finishing the doorway from the living room into the kitchen. I forget the reason it got put on hold (family room, pond, porch?), but it’ll be painted by next weekend. The trim molding for that same doorway is also ready to go, just needs a final trim and installation.

Since the living room/kitchen doorway is nearly finished, it was deemed safe to put up the shades in the living room. Cindy didn’t want the shades up if there was a threat of drywall dust hanging in the air (the threat, well, AND the dust). Since that threat is diminished, the shades are up. Killer job. I milked it for over an hour!

Sunday. Another lazy day. Did wall clean up & another very, very light coat of mud in the morning. Went and picked up some shades for the laundry room, then swung by to see The Bob. This is the first I’ve seen him since he moved to his new digs. Sad to say he really isn’t much changed from when I last saw him in the hospital. He has his own clothes on, sort of, but that’s really the only improvement.

When we got there we found him out in the lounge/sunroom, snoozing. Anymore, he dresses in sweats (pants & shirt – so much easier to deal with) and he apparently tried to put shoes on too. We found him with one of those gripper style hospital socks on his right foot and a right shoe on his left foot. It hurt MY foot just to look at it. After a good 10 minutes of that, I just had to change it for him. No idea where the real left shoe went. We searched his room and all the common areas. No sign of it. But in looking around, I noticed that the use of shoes was very optional. Most folks were wearing only those grippy socks. It’s not like they were going anywhere, so why bother?

Besides being in a permanent mental fog, one other thing I noticed about Bob – his left hand was quite swollen. No bruising like he’d hit anything (too much CSI), just all puffy, and there was a hazy whitish overcast to it, like layers of dried skin. This morning it occurred to me – could it be a sign of a clot in a vein in his arm? Cindy’s leg puffed up like a balloon when she had those clots behind her knee. The other thing I was thinking was maybe spider bite, but without looking closer I couldn’t really see any bite marks. We’ll have a meeting with the staff there this week to review his two week evaluation.

It’s evening now. Typed up a good chunk of the above drivel while I was sitting at home waiting for the appliance repair dude to show up. Seems the right front burner on our stove has gotten a little reluctant to light. I was just a bit surprised when the service guy showed up. He’d been a visitor to the Tuesday evening Al Anon group. Really nice guy, did a very thorough job on the stove. Best part is it works again.

The other thing I did while waiting for him was call the county Commissioner of Jurors. Bob got a jury summons. For the moment, he’s excused, but the county would prefer that I have the nursing home fax them a letter. On their letter head, WITH a doctors signature – and she knew who the chief resident at the place was!! Another thing to cover at his two week evaluation.

Spin class this morning – Poor Bill only had 8 of us in attendance. I keep waiting for some feedback forms to fill out. A little constructive criticism would help the guy. I think that he is perhaps too much a slave to the clock or counting a specific number of reps. Most (all) of the other instructors choreograph their routines TO the music. Rather than play their favorite tunes, they pick tunes with different tempos. Some tunes even change tempo from beginning to end or chorus to refrain. But the astute instructor will tailor the exercise to the song. The only rule is that if a particular piece is Blues, it MUST be a hill climbing song. Hill climbing requires one to really feel the pain and nothing does that better than the Blues.

Anyhow. Bill. It’s like he has a specific list of things to do and the music just sort of plays in the background. Too much out of the seat work and no where near enough sprinting. He needs more variation in music tempo and please, please, PLEASE – get rid of the Euro-techno-pop. Typical American music follows a pattern – 3 refrains, 3 choruses (chorusi?) And that last chorus can go on, and on and on. But they’re still predictable. That Euro-techno-pop? It all sounds the same, plus – no lyrics. One has NO IDEA just where in the song one is. Confusing.

Speaking of varying tempo in a tune – anyone know of a 5 – 8 minute version of Bolero? Might be interesting to try and design a spin routine to that.

Ugh. Getting punchy. Better get to sleep. Night night.


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  1. Q

    I recently heard a story about my great-grandmother, who spent her last few years in a nursing home, from a relative that went & took care of her quite often (laundry, feeding, visiting). She said one day she showed up & Grandma had apparently dressed herself that day. Pants – check. Shirt – check. Bra on the outside of her shirt – check! She said she just suggested that maybe she change shirts “so her pants would match better” & discreetly got her all fixed up. Of course, the relative that was telling me this thought it was hilarious, but tried not to laugh at the time. And now she has decided it’s time for her to move into an assisted place, herself….sigh.

    February 24, 2009 at 12:38 am

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