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Yet Another Reason

Day 1640/1641

I have yet another reason to never drink coffee from a famed Seattle based coffee shop. Have you heard that they (famed Seattle based coffee shop or “fsbcs”) are coming out with an instant version of their house swill? Took 20 years to develop and will cost $2.95 for 3 single serving packets, or you can get the economy sized 12 serving kit for a mere $9.95.

Holy crap! I can’t stand their fresh brewed house blend now. Tastes like a really, really bad French roast. To me, even a good French roast tastes burnt. Like you made a tea out of gasoline, used tires & dirty socks. But if you whip 4 oz of hot steaming cream into 4 oz of burnt swill, serve it in a 12 oz paper cup and charge 4.95 for the privilege, people will suck it up because it’s all the rage, right?

Give me a nice 12 oz cup of Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton’s house blend for $1.25 any day. It’ll save me $3.50 out of pocket and 10,000 taste buds. Instant, expensive fsbcs coffee is just a quicker way to get truly horrible (horribler even) coffee into your gut that much sooner. I wish them luck, but they won’t be getting any of my cash. Could you tell?

Ok – a whole 20 hours has passed since my little Sturbacks rant. The thought of tasting their coffee still scares my taste buds. Gotta learn to let that go . . .

Anyhow. I was actually prepared for my meeting before I walked into the room last night. Actually, that’s been the care for the last couple of weeks. We’ve had a new gal come the last couple of weeks too. She is in much the same position I was in 3 years ago, trying everything to get her spouse to quit drinking, frustrated with the lack of results, not knowing what to do or try next. It was so nice to be able to share my own experiences, telling her what I did that did or didn’t work.

Really, what it all comes down to is leaving the alcoholic/addict be, accept the fact that they are sick, stop covering for them, learn what enabling is and stop that and pretty much let them stew in their own juices. Keep a civil tongue in your head, offer them as much respect as you can muster and leave them the opportunity to learn from their own failings. DO NOT let them learn that you’ll always be there to clean up their messes. Matter of fact – don’t even consider doing that for them – unless it’s a life or death thing or they’re going to ruin the carpet or something. Or drive drunk. But even that needs some qualifiers that I don’t want to get into at the moment. Been there, done that.

Remember those pictures I was lamenting? The ones I somehow lost? I looked at the Sd card slot on my laptop today. The SD card from the camera I used was in there. Left over from when I was verifying that I definitely deleted those files. Well, today I got an email from a camera company that was bordering on spam, but something caught my eye. Specifically, I saw the words “I Didn’t Mean to Delete Those Photos!Boy, could I relate! So I read a little more. I knew there were ways to “undelete” files, I just didn’t have any of the utilities to do that. Till today. I got my neat ice pictures back. Wanna see? Look down below:

Here's the bigger fish, as seen through a relatively thin layer of ice.

Here's the bigger fish, as seen through a relatively thin layer of ice.

One of Mama Natures ice sculptures.

One of Mama Natures ice sculptures.

Ahhhhh, February.  Only a month till spring.  Bet the fish can’t wait to be fed.  It’s funny, they have to re-learn how to eat from the surface again.  Doesn’t take them long.  But we DO have to wait for their metabolism to get cranked back up.  Soon, soon.

Bowling tomorrow!!!  On a 3 week hot streak, just gotta keep it simple, don’t over think it.  (Actually, don’t think period.)

Gotta go watch Top Chef.  Ssshhhhh.


2 responses

  1. Hear Hear with the Starbucks hatred. Out here there’s one every.single.block. It’s horrible. Then they went and bought out Tully’s and Seattle’s Best, so those two aren’t awesome like they used to me.

    Cafe Vida is by far the best Seattle coffee. (But I don’t think you can get it anywhere but here….)

    But we don’t have Tim Horton’s or Dunkin’ Donuts out here, so I guess that’s fair…. Doesn’t mean I like it.

    February 19, 2009 at 7:00 pm

  2. Maria in Minneapolis

    Starbucks everywhere in Mpls. also.

    February 20, 2009 at 9:23 am

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