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A Break

Day 1639 A Break

Well, I had a productive weekend, hope you all did too. Got a lot of little things done on the project fronts and had a nice little sit down & talk with Cindy too. I think we made some progress. Both of us were able to air some grievances and clear the air a bit. This is a really good thing because we’d been stuck in this spiral caused by each of us doing a lousy job of communicating.

I also explained why I am hesitant to “share my feelings” on a consistent basis. What is that reason you ask? (You DID ask, right?) Quite simply, it’s Cindy’s reaction. The few times I <i>have</i> shared a really deep feeling or thought, I felt like I was being punished for the next 3 days or so – because she didn’t like what I had to say. It’s like touching a hot pan on the stove. You do it once, learn that it hurts and you don’t do it anymore. That’s the exact metaphor I used too.

I have a thing or two to work on as well. No one comes out of these things scott free, right? So what must I work on? Procrastination, listening skills and idle time spent on the computer. The listening thing is, well, complicated. Too often, if I hear something that doesn’t really interest me it all starts to sound like the adults in a Charlie Brown comic. Blah, blah, wah-wah-wah, yada, yada, bing. Then a week later I need to remember something from that conversation and when I scan my memory banks all I get is white noise. That part is my fault. Other times, I’ll be involved in something, either mentally or physically, and something will be said. I kinda sorta hear it, but it’s waaaaaayyyy out there on the periphery of my conscious thought. Eventually, it just falls out of orbit, and burns up on re-entry, never to be seen again. I’ll take partial blame for that one, but I’m willing to share too. If you have something to tell me that you REALLY want me to remember, make sure you really have my attention, saying it while we’re actually in the same room would be nice, and if you see that I’m enrapt in something, maybe hold on a minute or three for when I’m willing to divert my attention.

Anyhow. Enough of that interpersonal shit. I think that’s why I gravitated towards math & science in school. Too much touchy-feely in the liberal arts stuff. Numbers & laws of physics aren’t really up for interpretation – they just <i> ARE</i>. Once you understand something, it doesn’t change.

So. Fishies. I actually saw 4 Orfe’s, 2 shibunkin, 2 Comets, and I think 4 Koi. We had two Koi, but they were kinda boring color wise, so we picked up a couple more that have a metallic sheen. Very neat. I still haven’t seen any of the little guys. It’s possible that they were too small to survive the winter. The bigger Koi might have even snacked on them.

Dang it – I had some pictures of the fish chillin (literally) in the pond I took on Saturday. Moved them from the camera to I thought either this computer or my thumb drive. Now I can’t find them. Again. It sucks even more because I had some really neat shots of teeny, tiny snowflakes caught in the patterns created in the surface of the pond when it froze (again) Friday night. Really cool delicate patterns. Of course, when I moved them, I deleted them from the camera’s memory card. I can get more pictures of the fish, but those ice crystal shots were kinda neat and sort of one-of-a-kind. Maybe I got my directories confused and I deleted them from my computer and not the camera. Won’t know till tonight now.

That pesky doorway between the living room & kitchen is finally straightened out. The big step change in the drywall thickness has been addressed. It forced some other changes that are less noticeable (like if I didn’t tell you, they might go unnoticed) and I think overall it’s going to be acceptable. Another coat of mud tonight and it might even be ready for painting.

Had another doorway issue on the other end of the kitchen. Due to the renovation of the room formerly known as the family room, that little dealie got put on hold. Until this weekend. That too is getting some attention now and might actually be finished off by next weekend. (Along with that other doorway)

There was also a lone strip of partial tiles I needed to put in, right next to the pantry cabinet, underneath the cabinet now used for all out cookbooks. It was tucked back into a dark corner that one never really noticed it. Sort of. Killer is, I had a strip of tiles all cut for it. Can’t find that thing to save my life. So yesterday I broke down and cut some new ones. Little 1” x 1” x 3/8” onyx tiles. I needed 11 that were ½” wide, so I cut 6 in half. Wonder if onyx dust is good for you? Anyhow – they are now installed and waiting for grout. I can grout those and touch up the grout on the tiles behind the stove and my kitchen tiling will be finished. Finally. When the walls are finished, there’s a teeny bit of molding to put up (it’s already cut even!) and I think that will be it for the kitchen.

Put the fireplace mantel up Saturday too. Unfortunately the paint was still a tad tacky and you can see my fingerprints. That’ll get an extra coat of paint right where it sits. Then there’s a bit more molding to do to finish that off. By the end of this weekend there may be nothing to do inside except rip the powder room out and re-do it! Oh yes – it is SO coming down to that.

Couldn’t have had that hard a weekend. In this morning’s spin class I seemed to have a touch more energy than usual. That’s often the case on Monday’s though. I think it means I need to get to the gym and get in a really vigorous workout on Sundays now that there’s no football for 7 more months. Hmmm. Could go ride a bike too . . .

Finally getting back to sorting out that mess I created with our Clear (as mud) Case Version control management system. I know now what I goofed up. That does not make it any easier to correct this time, but it ought to help avoid the whole sordid mess the next time. I hope.

Gotta look for those files tonight. Probably make it another post . . .


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  1. Q

    I guess wordpress doesn’t like the italics? Where did you end up finding the thumb drive?

    February 18, 2009 at 4:36 am

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