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Day 1636 Doldrums

Yup. It’s that fun time of year. Got the ‘Can’t Wait for Winter to be Over’ blahs. Coupled with tomorrow’s manufactured, over-hyped farce of a holiday (and me not knowing quite how to take it this year), I am blah’d out.

I’m also wrestling with an application program here at the zoo. It’s a version management system for the code I write that runs in my little chips. I had a nice, stable version we’d been running for a couple of months. Wanted to add some features. So I created a branch, added a feature, did my simulations, gave it to another person to test in system. He’s about two weeks away from being able to use it.

Then I did another change in a new branch. Merged it in. Life was good. Decided to merge in the first change, I thought over top (and including) the other one. Uhhhh – nope. Now I have a cluster fudge to fix that will take too many brain cells to keep straight. (This whole post was much longer, but you didn’t want to read about version management and how they hack up graphical design files, right? Thought so You’re welcome)

Ice on the pond finally melted enough to see what’s going on in there. Sure looks like there’s fishies in there. At least the big ones all appear to be doing fine. Got to get out there and really look for the little guys, but we had around 13 of ‘em in the fall, surely a few made it.

Mantel is coming along. Three coat of paint so far, will need at least a fourth. Probably get it installed this weekend. Last bits of wall work ought to be wrapped up this weekend too, then all there is to do is wait for spring and all those fun outdoor projects!! I can not wait.

I think it was a local guy that missed that Continental flight last night. Lucky, lucky guy. There’s a local musician, Chuck Mangione, maybe you’ve heard of him? Two of his band members were on that flight, along with that 9/11 widow too. Terrible tragedy.

I gotta go beat up a wall. Nicely. Hope you all have a restful, productive weekend.


2 responses

  1. Q

    I carried in & assembled 12 feet by 7-ish feet of shelving last night & loaded it down with {junk} in about an hour last night. Now I’m trying to do my taxes online. It might actually turn out to be a productive weekend for me…we’ll see.

    February 14, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    • bikinfool

      Taxes – Ugh! Wasn’t doing those shelves taxing enough?

      February 14, 2009 at 7:38 pm

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