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Reality vs What’s in Ones Head

Day 1634  Reality?

Way back when, early in the summer when we thought that maybe we’d have time to pull it off, I threw some stakes in the ground.  The outer edge was roughly even with the existing concrete slab patio.  One side wall was in line with the east wall of the house.  The other side kept moving, moving, moving.  Finally settled far enough out to comfortably encompass the window over the kitchen sink.  The challenge was to fit the peak of the porch roof between the second floor windows, get enough pitch on the roof to handle the snow load but still keep the walls a reasonable height.

At our previous house we had a 12×12 deck by the pool and a 12×16 two level jobber off the kitchen.  We were painfully aware that both were too small.  Sitting on our existing patio many a summer day/evening, we realized we needed 5 things – shade, moving air, screens, space and a roof to keep us from scrambling every time it rained.

That’s how we ended up where we are.  Put the stakes in the ground and said “this big”.   Knew the dimensions in my head.  Couple of numbers.  No biggie.  It really didn’t look all that big with the plants  in place and the pond still there.  Then we got the pond moved (STILL to be finished).  Eh – still no impression.  Moved the plants, water, gas lines.  Ok – now it was flat & open, but still – eh.

Then Bob & Tom showed up.  They did some layout, drilled for supports, put posts in the ground.  Eh.  Beams laid, joists run.  Oh my.  Starting to get real.  Then the flooring was put down.  Wow.  Walls, ridge beam, rafters and sheathing.  Then it was real.  Enclosing the space really drove it home.  We’re gonna need a  lot of paint to cover this thing.

All that snow we had is disappearing in the rain.  For a while it was pretty neat – so much moisture coming up off the layers of snow we had a persistent ground fog all day long.   Southerly breezes got us all the way up to 55 today.  Tonight the wind is shifting and picking up speed.  By tomorrow the wind speed will be higher than the temperature, but at least it’ll clear the fog out, just in time for the snow to start again.   Yeah – February is way too early to be thinking spring.

Got bowling tomorrow.  The local high school end of season tournament is tomorrow, at our lanes.  It’s going to be a zoo.  Every male high school bowler in the 5 county region will be trying to get in 6 games tomorrow.  As a consequence, we’ll be starting late.  What sucks is that the state physical education association bans the sale of alcohol while a school competition is taking place, so we can’t even grab a cold one to sip while we’re waiting for our lanes to free up.   I could plan around this, couldn’t I?  Hmmmmm.

It’s late.  Maybe tomorrow night I can dig up some progress shots of the porch.  Ought to have some of the inide of our pumpkin too.  Now that the room is loaded it doesn’t look near as orange.  (Whew!)


2 responses

  1. Q

    Yayyyyyyyy, I can add this blog to my reader! (The old one didn’t have a feed & this one does.)

    Isn’t Bob & Tom a radio show?

    February 12, 2009 at 4:59 am

  2. I think it IS a radio show, but it didn’t use these two guys. Bob was the carpenter on our porch job, Tom was his assistant. They could have done a radio DIY show – how to stretch a 4 week job into an 8 week job. . .

    February 12, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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